Our Warehousing Storage Facilities

Sky limit Express Delivery Services provides storage for household goods in secure warehouse facilities. Our warehouses are protected by modern surveillance cameras or a 24-hour guarding service in more remote destinations, where modern tools are unavailable.


Many times, equipment needs to be ordered much before the intended install, or the actual delivery from the manufacturer cannot be coordinated with the install date. Additionally, some equipment must be housed away from the elements. To address these situations we offer industrial indoor warehousing. Many Your equipment can be shipped directly to us, stored indoors, and hauled to your job site the day of your install on one of our boom trucks or hauled by one of our tractors, depending on the size of your equipment and the crane required for your job


Sky limit Express Delivery Services offers secure, professional and well-maintained outdoor warehouse facilities.
We consistently offer excellent opportunities to reduce client overhead, improve cash flow and maximize returns on existing assets.
Our secure outdoor storage yards are perfect facilities for the storage of weather resistant goods and empty trailers.
Our outdoor storage is fenced and completely secure